Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 052: Terrible Twos

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Recorded on 2016-07-30
In our fifty second episode, Matt returns to give his Rift vs Vive review, and we talk about Vive controllers vs Oculus Touch, A Legend of Luca, Omega Agent, Spectacle VR, NVidia Fun House, Hover Junkers, Waltz of the Wizard, Sound Stage, MR Robot on Within, Stranger Things, Light Blade, Trials on Tatooine, Selfie Tennis, Windlands, Superhot, Overwatch, GTA V, Inside, PSVR demos, Google Pixel C, Microsoft Surface, AR devices, and Pokemon Go

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 050: Consumer Edition

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Recorded on 2016-05-28
In our fiftieth episode, we list all the things that have happened since out last podcast and talk about Reverend Kyle departing RoadToVR, pascal, PC components, V, Daydream, mobile VR for B2B, making money in VR, our views on advertising and sponsorships, positional audio, what headset we use the most, and audioshield

Ultracast 3 – SVVR 2016 Expo


Recorded on 2016-04-29
At the end of the SVVR Expo, we talk about the vibe of consumer launch, SVVR, our thoughts on Oculus, how our lives have changed since the first SVVR Expo, 360 cameras, current favorite VR games, headset hygiene, PSVR, Torus, STEM, mobile VR

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 049: Games De California

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Recorded on 2016-03-16
In our forty ninth episode, we talk about OptiTrack, PlayStation VR, Loading Human, BlazeRush, Time Rifters, Starwars VR stuff, Minecraft VR, Eve Gunjack, GearVR annoyances, Oculus Social Trivia, Werewolves Within, OpenVR, Meta 2, Hololens, and Minecraft on GearVR

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 48: Rev-Handed VR Podkyle


Recorded on 2016-03-12
In our forty eighth episode we cross-cast with Reverend Kyle and talk about Jason complaining about STEM, being annoyed at misspelling words to put VR in them, Tactical Haptics, Project Torus, Hover Junkers, PSVR, Apple bashing, Rift VS Vive, Sisters, Kyle’s GDC agenda, and User Feedback

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 047: Vive Pre Controllers Aren’t Good Beer Holders

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Recorded on 2016-03-06
In our forty seventh episode we talk about VR commercials, Vive Pre, Modbox, Water Bears, Space Pirate Trainer, Hover Junkers, Leap Orion, issues with hand tracking, MineCrift, permission issues, SteamVR Performance Test, and User Feedback

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 046: Crystal Potato

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Recorded on 2016-01-22
In our forty sixth episode we are joined by Jon Hibbins from Psytech Games (Crystal Rift & Windlands) and talk about jump scares, Crystal Rift, VR in theme parks, on rails shooters, Kitchen, multiplayer, our predictions on Valve produced content for the Vive, different types of inputs, we don’t want a gazillion game settings options, derp, Vive Pre, Chronos, Elite Dangerous, multiplayer VR, VR Chat, funding games, how to do a game jam with a team, Vive Pre controllers, Tilt Brush, Medium, and Potato VR

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 044: Happy New Year

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Recorded on 2016-01-03
In our forty forth episode, we talk about GearVR, Eternal September, consoles, Steam controller, Oculus Touch, managing expectations, crowdfunding, STEM, Samsung rink, Oculus Rift consumer release, CES, excercise machines, tesla suit, Windlands, Elite Dangerous, Kapture, past Boston VR Dev & regular meetups, No Man’s Sky, user feedback, games we’re playing, and stuff we’re watching