Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 041: Vive’n It Up

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Recorded on 2015-09-18
In our forty first episode, Jason gets a Vive and we talk about TheBlu, Job Simulator, Tiltbrush, Aperture Robot Repair, Fruit Slash VR, Jason going to Oculus Connect 2, Vive shortcomings, how the touch controllers compare to the vive controllers, OC2 predictions, /r/vive kerfuffle, user feedback, Driving Home with Rev. Kyle, GTA 5 with PureVR, Morpheus now Playstation VR, MGS5, a few other games we’ve been playing, and Echo Red

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 040: Left-Handers Day

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Recorded on 2015-08-13
In our fortieth episode, we celebrate Left-Handers Day and talk about Time Clickers, new phones from Samsung, Meta, OSVR, Virvana Totem, Jason is going to Oculus Connect 2, Boston VR Dev meetup, MergeVR, Gameface, Nvidia buys Ouya, Matt buys a new video card, USB type C, Windows 10, crowdfunding, I Expect You To Die, 360 videos, Metal Gear Solid, Magic Circle, Borderlands Pre-Sequel, Batman, Steam Greenlight, Colosse, and some general PC tech

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 039: Our Banjaxed Anniversary

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Recorded on 2015-07-17
In our thirty ninth episode, we celebrate our one year anniversary and talk about social media, London Vive jam, the Vive, theBlu, Tiltbrush, VRMT, Jason tries a GearVR, are 360 videos VR?, a look back at the last year, Portal Stories Mel, Windows 10 release soon, Irish slang, and user feedback

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 038: Letting Off Steam

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Recorded on 2015-06-30
In our thirty eighth episode, we talk about Matt getting a new phone, game jams, smart watches, hardware kickstarters, Fallout 3 pipboy edition, Vive setup, Steam and the Steam Box, some new headsets, social VR, The Void, and Matt reminds us about his feelings about mobile VR

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 037: Keyboard Doesn’t Judge

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Recorded on 2015-06-16
In our thirty seventh episode, we talk about video cards, our reactions to E3 game announcements, StarVR, Oculus Touch, Cyberith Virtualizer, Stompz, future HMD feature predictions, Trewgrip keyboard, Gameface, Meltdown, and mod supported Minecrift

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 035: Invaders

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Recorded on 2015-05-16
In our thirty fifth episode, we talk about GearVR being anti-left-handed, Oculus suspending OSX and Linux support, pre-SVVR, mobile VR game jam, eMagin, retro computing hardware, Matt’s making a new game, Portcullis 2, Oculus minimum system specs, Otoy contest, Konami changing to a mobile focused game company, and Kickstarter ranting

Turbocast – Post-SVVR 2015 Expo


Recorded on 2015-05-19
The night after the 2nd SVVR Expo, we talk about comparison to last years expo, Vive, Crescent Bay, Morpheus, the uncanny valley, light fields, porn, Feelreal VR Mask, Oculus input predictions, VR audio solutions, bad VR, nod ring, Wearality, drones, other HMDs, Turris, Indie VR Dev panel, and final thoughts

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 034: You Can Listen Again, Jason Is Back

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Recorded on 2015-05-12
In our thirty fourth episode, we talk about the mobile VR jam, V, office chairs, Jason buys another smartwatch, digital audio players, CV1 release announcement, lighthouse, Vive jam, SVVR Expo, and GTA5