Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 058: Take Two

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Recorded on 2017-03-19

In our fifty eighth episode, we talk about Samsung Gear VR 3dof controller, social accounts and VR, Steam VR headset from LG, HTC closing phone factory, Oculus price drop, Matt gets touch, Vive accessories, Windows Holographic headsets, Steam Link, eye tracking, NVidia 1080 TI, VR games from GDC, Ripcoil, Roborecall, Mission ISS, The Unspoken, Jason’s new audio gear, and Bob’s book recommendation

Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 057: Twenty Eight Years Sad

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Recorded on 2017-02-26

In our fifty seventh episode, we talk about Valve working on VR games and no longer requiring $3k training for 3rd party lighthouse development, Samsung Monitorless, missing killer app, VRChat, RecRoom, is AMD back?, Superbowl in VR, Google Earth VR, Bob’s book recommendation, and user feedback