Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 055: No Politics, Just VR And Sci-Fi

LHVR Cover

Recorded on 2016-11-13
In our fifty fifth episode, we are joined by dev and VR enthusiast Andreas aka BOLL, and talk about TPcast wireless VR for the Vive, Windows Holographic speculation, Sound Stage, VR Accounting, Feral Rites, Killing Floor Incursion, World War Toons, Lone Echo, No Man’s Sky, Climbey, VR The Diner Duo, Suicide Squad Special Ops, Doctor Strange, West World, Black Mirror, Channel Zero, VR•ology, VRPadding, Google Pixel phones, Spotify, Bobs Book Recommendation, Veritasium, and You Suck At Cooking

3 thoughts on “Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 055: No Politics, Just VR And Sci-Fi

  1. Pretty sure it’s 2ms additional and 15ms total, so unless they’re lying this is kinda huge. This was confirmed quite a while ago so I was kinda confused by all of the downplaying in this episode (quick google search is all it would have taken). 30ms would be a disaster–I highly doubt HTC would put its name behind something that shitty. Also, the comment about it being a bad thing that many manufacturers are creating similar HMDs doesn’t make any sense. Competition will drive down prices and increase quality–this is exactly what we want. As long as they stick to open standards and don’t try to create their own special little hardware exclusive islands, this is a good thing.

    And have you guys even tried Onward? The smug dismissal of so many VR-related things was funny at first, but now it really seems like you’re all just getting out of touch. Seriously, Dec 1st and you’re just now realizing Lone Echo looks amazing? And nobody cares about the GearVR inserts or whatever … lol what are you guys even doing?


    • When we recorded this episode, the latency was listed as 15ms on the TPCast website. At the beginning of our next episode I’ll be bringing up that they updated their website and it’s now 2ms. All your other points we’ll bring up on the next show, thanks for the feedback.


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