Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 050: Consumer Edition

LHVR Cover

Recorded on 2016-05-28
In our fiftieth episode, we list all the things that have happened since out last podcast and talk about Reverend Kyle departing RoadToVR, pascal, PC components, V, Daydream, mobile VR for B2B, making money in VR, our views on advertising and sponsorships, positional audio, what headset we use the most, and audioshield

Ultracast 3 – SVVR 2016 Expo


Recorded on 2016-04-29
At the end of the SVVR Expo, we talk about the vibe of consumer launch, SVVR, our thoughts on Oculus, how our lives have changed since the first SVVR Expo, 360 cameras, current favorite VR games, headset hygiene, PSVR, Torus, STEM, mobile VR