Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 046: Crystal Potato

LHVR Cover

Recorded on 2016-01-22
In our forty sixth episode we are joined by Jon Hibbins from Psytech Games (Crystal Rift & Windlands) and talk about jump scares, Crystal Rift, VR in theme parks, on rails shooters, Kitchen, multiplayer, our predictions on Valve produced content for the Vive, different types of inputs, we don’t want a gazillion game settings options, derp, Vive Pre, Chronos, Elite Dangerous, multiplayer VR, VR Chat, funding games, how to do a game jam with a team, Vive Pre controllers, Tilt Brush, Medium, and Potato VR

3 thoughts on “Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 046: Crystal Potato

  1. Been a listener since the beginning. I know you all don’t get a lot of listener feedback but I am sure there are a lot of silent people like myself who greatly appreciate your podcast. As a side note when I am when I am at work with my earbuds in listening you guys just doing inventory or stocking shelves I know I look like a total weirdo giggling to myself. Keep up the good work and make more episodes a month. All the VR podcasters seem to be dropping off.


  2. I hated to do it, but I cancelled my Rift pre order and ordered the Vive. Oculus just dropped the ball on motion controllers. $220 more, but all the games I’m excited about are for the Vive. Gallery, sinthisis universe, hover junkers. Content really is king. I can’t really afford the extra money, but lucklily ramen is on sale right now. From the early days with the hydras it’s been clear to me that having your hands is vital to the kind of VR I want. Oculus has a lot of my loyalty(pretty much a rabid fanboy), but not enough for me to wait another six + months for Touch. The announcement that touch would be held up till Q4 just killed my enthusiasm for the Rift. Vive has some cool features and a modest edge in tracking quality, but what sold me is the content.


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