Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 043: Cowboy Tears

LHVR Cover

Recorded on 2015-11-07
In our forty third episode, we are joined by Reverend Kyle and talk about a bunch of nonsense, e-cigs, Vive, Ela Darling, we all turn our webcams on and show stupid toys to each other, Cilia, TechnoLust, Sixense, Nod, VRGO, Theta S, firsts in VR are probably not, GIF pronunciation, Matt plays WoW, Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival, Matt gets a Leap Motion, The VR Report, Fallout 4, and user feedback

3 thoughts on “Left-Handed VR Podcast – Episode 043: Cowboy Tears

  1. Oh man, this got to be the funniest episode I’ve heard. I choked on my coffee from laughing so hard. Great show guys, I wish you post more often. Those Jasonism moments were priceless, goddamn I stopped drinking my coffee because I was afraid of choking again. Matt comments about Bob’s floating head and Bob asking Jason “Jason, tell me what you really feel”, are some the stuffs that pops in my mind that makes me chuckle silently while at work. Thanks Lhvr for another great show.


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